‘Partnered Leadership for principled executive action’.

The 7 Nation Aid Association(UAAFA) is an alliance of aid organizations committed to bring support and material to help Ukraine win the war against tyranny.

Our association was founded at the end of 2022 on the foundation of shared values and the spirit of partnership between our organizations. We all have worked since the start of the invasion to support Ukraine, its first responders, civilian rescue workers, humanitarian support groups and, first and foremost its armed forces. From all walks of life, civilian, active and former military, media, politics, none of us volunteers could stand idly by when the current invasion began. The war since 2014 has been long and arduous. Ukraine needs and deserves our help as it fights for its independence from authoritarian Russian colonialism and the freedom of all of us.

Each aid organization in the association has subscribed to a code of ethics and standards of process following industry best practice. These are peer reviewed by the other, standing members.

The Association’s mission is to:

”Provide leadership through our partnered executive actions focused on three core principles:

– Sharing best practices and excellence in aid procurement, shipment and delivery.
– Compelling governments and institutions toward better/swifter and preferably standardised support.
– Based on transparency, process control, quality management and regular third party audits creating the foundation for us enforcing anti-fraud measures.”